Friday, January 06, 2006

Getting measured for a new bra

No not me - the wife. She went into town to get measured as her bras don't fit. She's now a D cup! Pregnancy rocks!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

First doctors appointment

Wife went to the doctor today. He's an old crusty who doesn't know how to communicate from what I heard (I couldn't go as it was my first day back in work - wish I went now!). He's 10 years old and doesn't look you in the eye. :-( I want a better doctor for my wife please.

He's given us a schedule and we don't get the tummy scanned til 19-20 weeks! Is that normal? I thought it was meant to be more like 12 weeks. 20 weeks is 5 months!!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

2006 - the year of the sprog

New year's eve was ok considering - considering I got mild food poisoning from a raw steak dinner, considering there was less booze for the wife than we would have wanted. but they're over the moon about our news after wifey told them. And I told my parents at midnight, just after the fireworks were going off (on TV), and they were extatic! They were singing congratulations over the phone! Sweet. 2006 will be the year of the sprog.

Pendulum thing - a boy or a girl?

Wife did a swinging pendulum thing with a weight on a piece of string last night. It swang stright up and down, which according to some online forums I've read, meand we're expecting a boy. Apparently if the pendulum swings around in a circle, it's a girl?!

Friday, December 30, 2005

New Year's eve

Our plan to go to our local bar / club for New Year's eve doesn't sound too tempting now. So we've made new plans for tomorrow night. To visit my in-laws.

I found out today that my wife is pregnant!

I'm setting this blog up as a newlywed who has just found out that his wife is pregnant! We woke up this morning and my wife was late for her period so I went out to the chemists on Oxford Rd to get a Clear Blue pregnancy test. We had a lie in (as I was really hung over) so it was about 11am. I came back, she did the test and a little cross appeared on the stick! Preggers!

So wife called the doctor and made an appointment for next Tuesday. She was a bit nervous about what to expect so I just did a search online and found this - a good description of what to expect at your first doctors appointment afterfinding out you're pregnant.

I've taken some photos of her on day one - or is it week four? Or minus nine months? Dunno. But I'll keep this blog up to date with what a bloke goes through during those nine months of pregnancy.

The last four weeks will have been the first of those nine months - what happened then? Well, a it was only our second month of trying, having got married in October, we were looking out for symptoms. But there was no sickness, funny tastes in the mouth etc. There was plenty of booby tenderness, she got REALLY hungry especially in the mornings.

So to round it off, today we bought Your Pregnancy Week by Week by Hamlyn, Babies' Names, by Oxford University Press, and Minus Nine to One, by Jools Oliver (where I took the inspiration to write this blog - if only there was a blokes' version out there...)

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